Understanding Your FEAR

Do you get up in the morning with a nudging idea of what you could have been doing? Are you using the phrases "in another lifetime"? Did you settle for your current situation just because society told you "to be grateful, it could be worse"? But you actually feel that you could be doing so much more and so much better.

Actioning Your DREAM

Your dream might seem farfetched to you now, because you already got accustomed to labeling it as a "dream", so you haven't made any specific steps or even a well written out plan to make it happen. You might be afraid and you get stuck at the first draft of your dream. We will guide you through a process of understanding your fear and managing it, in order to get yourself unblocked and set yourself up for action.

Course Curriculum

Take a glance of what subjects will be tackled in this course

  • Where did my fears come from?

  • What is fear costing me?

  • What is an empowered life?

  • What launches my fear?

  • How do I change?

  • How do I ride the fear?

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Ride the Fear to the Life of Your Dreams

Learn how to manage your fear and action your dream