Running on auto-pilot

Do you feel disconnected with what you are doing and who are you deep within? Do you find yourself running all over the place and just checking off tasks to drop exhausted in bed late at night? This is not uncommon and you might be running on auto-pilot. Join today to master the techniques to regain your own self!

Mind Your Mind

Learn how to become intentional in your thinking process. Through guided exercises you will engage in being in control of your Mind and make your thoughts visible by using your words intentionally. Master your Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind to elevate your results.

Course Curriculum

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  • The Power of The Mind

  • The Origin of the I AM

  • Rephrasing Your I AM Statements

  • How to Become Your I AM

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The Creative Power of Your I AM

Learn to apply research based techniques to become intentional in a practical way.